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What can you do as a web hosting company to make your service stand out? Integrating valuable services to the websites you host can help you retain customers and attract new ones. Elite Site Optimizer provides a suite of SEO tools that all kinds of websites can benefit from. Whether your customers need analytics about their site’s traffic and search engine rankings, technical auditing for errors and performance issues, or tools for researching their competitors, they’ll love what the ESO Toolkit has to offer. 


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Give your customers the ability to analyze the search keywords that bring visitors to their pages. They can also research new keywords to use in their content to place well-optimized pages in the top 10 search results. 

The SEO Dashboard and Analytics Console will become a website operator’s go-to source of information about traffic statistics, webpage performance, and more. Test website performance indicators like loading speed and get insights into improving performance.

Let users run an audit of all the SEO issues on their pages. They can view their SEO status with easy-to-understand charts and tables listing current issues from highest to lowest priority so they can organize the process of improving their on-page SEO. 

With the Content Audit Tool, your users can check their text’s spelling, readability score, active vs. passive voice usage, and word count per page and per paragraph to get the optimal amount of readable content that appeals to readers. 

The Link Checker tool lets users scan their websites for broken or misdirected links, and get a report of the status of every URL linked on the site. Fix redirects that cause search engines trouble and make navigation easier. 

ESO can monitor trends over time in keyword search rank, alerting users to changes in rank due to increased or decreased SEO effectiveness. The Rank Checker tool can provide a visibility score based on the rank positions that a web page acquired for individual keywords or overall. 


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