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Online searches play a huge role in driving new customers to your restaurant. Great local SEO can determine which restaurant is listed first when someone searches a particular food such as “Italian food” online. If you want to reach the top of keyword searches, you need to optimize your web presence and get trustworthy analytics. 

Elite Site Optimizer is an accessible, powerful solution for restaurants wanting to use their online presence to attract local business traffic, improve online reputation and customer loyalty and bring digital transformation to their business. It’s easy to form a great strategy for improving your online visibility when you have access to the metrics and reports we provide. We also provide Managed SEO & Website Optimization services to take care of all your website optimization, content optimization, SEO issue fixing, SEO strategies, content optimization, content promotions, and social media marketing. 


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With our keyword research tools, we will analyze what keywords are driving local website traffic, such as those related to the neighborhood, city, or region. Add structured data to your website enabling search engines to find your display menu, reviews, recipes, products and offers. Checks spelling, grammar, readability, active voice, plagiarism and formatting issues for better content on your web pages.

We will update your restaurant’s address information and hours of operation on Google Maps and Google Search. We also update your restaurant address and website information listed in local business directories for a better local search engine visibility and reach your preferred locality audiences. We will also post all your business details, updates, news posts on multiple social media platforms. We will provide news releases, forum discussion, directory listings to release news about your restaurant and share your customer experience stories in the news.

Make sure your website experience gives a favorable impression to customers. We will optimize your website’s images to improve performance, to make them rank better on the image search. Since the majority of users use mobile devices, we will monitor mobile-friendliness of your website periodically to avoid losing any customers.

Publish all your website updates, posts on social media and keep your website’s audience updated through social media channels for building brand loyalty and acquiring new customers. Promote your posts to social media users on different social media websites through effective paid advertisements


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