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Enterprise brands know the importance of putting their websites at the forefront of search engine results for every single keyword related to their business to drive organic traffic, making strong SEO a vital part of their marketing strategy. Elite Site Optimizer’s powerful and flexible SEO tools make it easy to analyze even large, complex websites with features designed to segment and customize the SEO auditing process.

Leverage these tools to monitor and improve your SEO. Get customizable reports that can be shared across your company to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal. Get weekly and on-demand crawls and reports so you never fall behind your competitors or lose track of updates to your website.


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ESO can crawl your website on-demand and build a report of all SEO issues in clear charts or downloadable tabular formats, so you can analyze and make vital updates. We can also provide you with a custom crawler to retrieve relevant SEO data from all over the web for research purposes. 

Our SEO dashboard gives you an overview of all the important analytics and pending issues on your website, but it’s easy to customize and hide certain elements from view. Whether it’s your analysts, managers, or CXOs leveraging ESO’s tools, select the widgets you need for the SEO data they require.

Large-scale websites are not an issue for ESO’s analytics tools. Our web crawler can process millions of URLs easily. No enterprise-level site is too big for ESO to handle, and your reports can be broken up for more convenient analysis.

Keyword rank analysis is vital to reaching the top of search engine results for the keywords you choose. Separate branded and non-branded keywords to see how customers find your website by searching for your brand name as well as how the website performs in competition with other companies over non-branded keywords.

ESO lets you view the SEO of your website in easy-to-analyze segments. Visualize all of the SEO reports, KPIs, and key metrics for different segments of your website using the segment filter in the dashboard. The segment filter gives you the insight data, key metrics, and more for each group of pages that are assigned to the segment. 

Get an overall Search Visibility Score for your brand’s website based on the rank positions of its pages, and its visibility for individual keywords. ESO helps you perform rank trend analysis to monitor the rise and fall of page ranks for different keywords.