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B2G SEO to improve code quality, accessibility content & more

Elite Site Optimizer supports federal and other government agencies who want to keep their SEO and compliance audit process easy and simple. Elite Site Optimizer’s B2G SEO solution’s use cases include all-in-one SEO ranging from keyword research data, organic research, on-page crawl data compilation, technical SEO auditing, performance check, spell check, link audit, WCAG and 508 compliance check, PDF accessibility, WAI-ARIA compliance check, AMP check, schema markup & review rich snippets validation, traffic analytics, sitemap generator, competitive analysis, insights & recommendations, and more. Government Agencies can now optimize their websites with Elite Site Optimizer:


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Check Out How Elite Site Optimizer Can Help eCommerce Websites

The usability and accessibility of a website are the most important factors that demonstrate a brand’s reputation. Audit, monitor and keep control of the web pages for WCAG, WAI-ARIA, ADA, 508 compliance, and PDF document accessibility requirements to give your visitors a great browsing experience and increase user engagement.

Content plays an important role in visitor engagement. It determines whether visitors stay engaged or bounce from the page. Review the web page content for spelling issues and recommendations, internal link issues, external links, and readability score, and define the content strategy for the target audience demographics.

Monitor the detailed and comprehensive audit report for the important landing pages & information pages for their loading speed, AMP compliance check, SEO issues & impacts, HTML elements, URL accessibility, social media presence, optimized images, server response time quality, page time-to-interactive, render-blocking resources, minification resources, etc.

Keep an eye on the links on the web pages. Having broken links, page not found errors, and server errors will cause your site to develop a bad reputation. Using the internal link checker will validate and report invalid links, broken links, server links, and redirected links at multiple depth levels and with source information for easy fixing.

Improve the quality of the code by auditing the web page’s code for the W3C compliance check. The code audit engine gives a detailed report for each page, including fatal errors and warnings. This report also gives information about the errors and recommendations for the fix required in the error line of the code.

Complete on-page crawl data is necessary to plan SEO strategy, make site updates required for improving page rank, increase traffic through organic search, and stay ahead. The data includes missing title, missing ALT, missing H1, missing and mismatched canonical tags, duplicate title, duplicate H1, multiple H1, pagination directives, etc. and also offers custom crawl data based on needs.