Custom Crawler

Shape The Future

Of Your Online Presence

Scan your website for errors or scrape data from across the Web to improve your “business.”

Custom Crawlers Are Problem Solvers

We build custom web crawlers to help you extract your website issues, whether you need the site crawled during the development stage, staging server, or in live scenarios. Custom crawlers also help you in finding broken links (404s), server errors, and SEO gaps that are crucial to maximize your ROI. They can also find redirect loops during site migration. When we create a custom crawler, we design it according to your needs and set a scalable crawl limit you choose.


Build a substantial web data within minutes

Shape your data models to enhance your research

Custom Crawlers Do More Than Out-Of-The-Box Options

Step & Process

Forecast better & make informed decision

Extract data to analyze in your preferred format

Custom Crawlers

By Our Engineers



Check prices from competitor websites through automated bots to offer a better price


Website Content

Use Custom Content Crawlers to aggregate news feed, events, social data, & job information.



Gather SEO information for your website and competitor websites to define a stronger SEO strategy.


Catalog Builder

Use Custom Crawlers to aggregate product information from supplier websites.


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