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Just enter any URL on the website and analyze the plethora of insightful metrics including SEO KPIs in connection to that page’s performance. Audit web pages with an actionable report that includes accessibility issues, user experience scores, mobile responsiveness, security coherence check, content quality, and W3C validation.

Complete web page performance audit

Elite Site Optimizer audits the website landing page and gives both a summary and detailed audit reports with insightful metrics for web page performance including, accessibility, speed, performance, coding standards, AMP compliance, content quality, SEO metrics and more.

Elite Site Optimizer’s Web Page performance analysis:

ESO provides the following features to help website owners understand key performance metrics:

  • Web Accessibility
  • Pdf Accessibility
  • Content Quality
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Amp Validation
  • White-label Reports
  • User Experience Score
  • Page-Load Performance
  • W3C Coding Standards
  • Page Seo metrics

Evaluate a page’s accessibility issues using the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Determine how it meets standards of Web Content Accessibility (WCAG), Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), and Mobile Accessibility, and receive corrective measures. Scan web pages and perform a scheduled weekly accessibility audit. Ensure web pages are accessible easily and standards-compliant. 

Scan and audit any PDF documents linked on the web pages for WCAG accessibility standards, ARIA compliance, and view whether the documents are accessible through a visually appealing, colorful, and fluid chart. 

Check for mobile accessibility and responsiveness of the page. Mobile users are now a significant portion of website visitors, so pages should be able to adjust to various screen sizes, maintain text readability and clickable elements on mobile browsers. ESO scores and identifies how to prepare a website for mobile accessibility.

Get landing pages measured on a 1-100 scale to learn how users feel about their browsing experience. The score is based on the page’s loading speed, how clearly the content is presented, and how responsive the page is to user interaction.

Validate web pages instantly to find out if they are in accordance with the W3C’s HTML web standards. ESO lists all errors with the line number and code snippet of each, along with a recommended fix and a link to the web standard.

AMP-compliant pages can be delivered on mobile devices more quickly due to using minimal complex CSS and Javascript elements. ESO identifies issues related to AMP and offers solutions. AMP-compliant pages give a better user experience and load web pages faster, making this one of ESO’s most important offerings.

The report evaluates elements that result in slower loading. Images can be optimized with higher quality at lower file sizes. Minification of Javascript and CSS reduces the amount of code loaded per page. Effective browser cache settings can serve static assets quickly. ESO also identifies if overall page size can be reduced.

Check if the page URL is indexed by search engines or blocked from searching unintentionally. Also find out how well the URL can be found by getting information on SEO metrics like page title, canonical URL, heading tags, meta description, image title and alt-text, and more. 

Content metrics will identify if the page uses text compression to make its HTML, CSS, and Javascript transfer over a network more quickly. Also check if the site is mobile-friendly and uses a responsive design to improve mobile user experience, which is highly recommended to meet the needs of modern users. 

Get a beautifully formatted, detailed, and informative white-label audit report on usability, accessibility, and performance. The report concisely summarizes all issues that ESO identifies and lists any improvements that can be made to improve website performance. The recommendations are presented clearly so they can be implemented easily.


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