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Having quick access to up-to-date web analytics gives website owners the knowledge they need to evaluate how successful their website is and learn what needs to be improved. View a variety of informative metrics about every aspect of domain performance. With domain traffic statistics, find how many people are visiting the website, what they click on within the domain, and which individual pages are the most successful. See what search queries from search engines are leading visitors to the website, and how the pages rank in search results for certain significant keywords relevant to your business and brand. 

All of these analytics can be viewed in one easy-to-use interface. With this information at hand, it simplifies the process of optimizing the web page content with SEO in mind, and provides a baseline to measure the effectiveness of every change made to the website towards attracting more visitors through organic search traffic and improving search engine rankings. 

What Elite Site Optimizer’s Analytics Console has to offer:

Elite Site Optimizer offers the following features in Analytics Console:

  • Missed Opportunities
  • Top Performing Pages
  • Search Queries
  • Branded vs. Non-branded Keywords
  • Traffic Analytics

Elite Site Optimizer collects web analytics data and uses it to find missed opportunities for SEO traffic. The missed opportunities report identifies the number of visitors who found the site through searches and how many the website failed to reach from searches for certain targeted keywords. 

This information can be used to make plans to correct any obstacles that caused these missed visitors in order to reach future search traffic that comes from those keywords.

Get a report on top-performing pages based on factors such as impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR). This report helps to visualize which pages perform the best and how high their average rank position on search engines is. 

Knowing which pages do best and how well your top-performing pages are ranked helps improve the strategies for maintaining and improving the visibility of these pages. 

Analyzing the results of search queries provides information on how your target audience searches for products and services in the same field. Restructuring search and ad campaigns around the way your audience looks for useful results online can give websites a greater reach. 

Concentrating on the chosen keywords improves your campaigns and helps expand the potential audience for website content, improving the ROI on marketing campaigns.

It’s not enough that customers can find a website by searching its brand name; ideally, websites want to be discovered through any search related to their business by using relevant keywords. ESO’s Analytics Console displays ranking positions from branded and non-branded keywords separately. 

Using the branded vs. non-branded keyword report, it’s easier to track the ranking performance of a page for the precise set of keywords it’s aimed to capture.

ESO helps collect analytical data of visitor traffic and page views for the website domain. By integrating with Google Analytics, the Traffic Analytics Report provides page-wise domain traffic, social media traffic, and search engine traffic. 

The report delivers information on total and unique page views, bounce rate percentage, pages browsed per session, and the average time spent on a page.


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