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Elite Site Optimizer is capable of providing a customized dashboard with next-gen Business Intelligence capabilities. ESO can provide customized views to business owners for a comprehensive dig into multiple facets of their website performance with the attributes they desire.

Powerful widgets for SEO Success

Elite Site Optimizer provides webmasters with different levels of website audit data using its SEO dashboard’s powerful widget data, which is vital to developing their SEO strategy.

With the Elite Site Optimizer Dashboard, website owners can leverage their SEO data to make insightful decisions and improve their strategies. Start quantifying your SEO efforts through data visualization and KPI metrics, today.

Elite Site Optimizer’s SEO Dashboard Offers:

Elite Site Optimizer Provides Key Information About Your Domain Through Its Following Features.

  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Link issues summary
  • Website accessibility score
  • Top ranked keywords
  • User experience/ performance score
  • Top traffic pages
  • Site audit summary
  • First page avg. rank chart
  • Last 7 days’ traffic analytics
  • Section-based dashboard
  • Keyword ranking & competitor keywords
  • Customize widgets

Get To Know More About The Performance

Key Performance Indicators of the website’s SEO, such as total ranked keywords, total on page errors, total internal links, and visibility score are available in the KPI section of the dashboard. Each KPI widget will give the users more detailed reports of the data in a new screen. Measure your website’s SEO success with these KPI metrics.

Measure your website’s accessibility & usability issues in a visually appealing, colorful, fluid chart. Understand what issues website users are facing through the accessibility/usability score. Define a strategy to fix the issues and improve the usability of the web pages. The widget will give a more detailed issue report when clicking on the chart.

The loading speed of the web pages is important for any website. Elite Site Optimizer’s User Experience dashboard widget gives the website's speed performance and user experience score through sampling of data. Recent search engine algorithm updates have made web page speed one of the most important factors for top ranking. Improve web page speed and performance using this score.

Group the website’s SEO issues by high-impact issues, medium-impact issues and low-impact issues, and display each types as a site audit widget in the Dashboard. Audit and measure your website’s on-page SEO and change priorities accordingly. Make the website SEO error-free and thus improve search engine ranking.

Monitor the website’s last seven days of traffic and compare with the previous week’s data in a KPI format. Visualize the traffic data with traffic source information and change comparison in a data table, and create colorful charts to understand different dimensions of the traffic data. Monitoring traffic data will help to measure user engagement with the website.

Compare your total ranked keywords across search engine page results vs. those of your competitors. Identify where your website stands among your competitors. Monitor your website’s keyword rank count changes with current week vs. last week data. Change gears and drive SEO strategy appropriately if you discover major changes in ranking between your current week and last week data.

Compare last week’s link issues with current week crawl data. The link issues summary widget provides a high-level report of the link counts by link issue type. Any server errors, redirection issues, and broken link issues can be identified instantly in the dashboard and corrective measures can be taken to resolve these important internal link errors.

Identify which keywords are performing well on your website for better rankings through the top ranked keywords widget. This list displays keywords that are better-ranked along with its search volume, search trend, and the difficulty score for each keyword. Improve content & SEO promotion strategy respective to these keywords and utilize the traffic potential.

Using integration with Google Analytics, this widget displays the top pages that have more traffic by user sessions. The top trending pages can be compared with current week vs. last week. The widget can also give additional information and sort the top pages by new users count, bounce rate percentage, and Click-through-ratio percentage in order to promote these high-potential pages.

Get the average rank of the first page ranked keywords. The lower the average rank, the better the website is performing for the target keywords. Compare your first page average rank with your competitors’ rankings in a time series chart and redefine your keyword strategy to attract more visitors to your website.

Visualize all of these SEO reports, KPIs, and key metrics for any segment of the website using the segment filter in the dashboard. The segment filter gives you the insight data, key metrics etc., for the particular group of pages assigned to the segment. Divide and do SEO using this segment filter on each department of the website.

Customize the widgets available in the dashboard by enabling or disabling the widgets display according to your business needs. Don’t worry if you have a new set of data or a new story to tell through the dashboard visualization. Elite Site Optimizer can build the Data Visualization/Business Intelligence SEO widgets for your business and easily add them to the dashboard.

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