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Having schema markup on a website can help search engines identify web content relevant to users, but invalid schema can lead to this information being ignored. Elite Site Optimizer's Schema Markup validator crawls your website content, identifies the schema markup entities, and validates the available properties and attributes values. It finds issues such as missing properties, attributes, and values, then provides suggestions to fix the issues. JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa formats can be checked and validated with ESO.

Why Use A Schema Markup Validator?

Modern search engines classify content with the help of schema content type tags and use them to serve the most relevant content to users depending on their search terms. Content encoded with the right schema markup guides search engines to associate that content with the intended audience. ESO’s schema markup validator tool validates all three formats of rich snippets according to schema.org and Google guidelines for using rich snippets. This helps webmasters fix issues faster and improve their SEO. Effective schema markup is especially vital for the webmasters of eCommerce stores, news sites, and blogs for helping reach their audience from search engine traffic.

  • Article
  • Breadcrumb
  • Book
  • Carousel
  • Corporate Contact
  • Course
  • Critic Review
  • Employer Aggregate rating
  • Logo
  • Event
  • Fact Check
  • FAQ
  • How to
  • Job posting
  • Live Stream
  • Local Business Listing
  • Media
  • Occupation
  • Product
  • Q & A
  • Recipe
  • Reviews
  • Search box/ Search Action
  • Social Profile
  • Software App
  • Speakable
  • Subscription Content
  • Top Places list
  • Video

Elite Site Optimizer’s Schema Markup Validator tool offers:

Elite Site Optimizer offers the following features.

  • Microdata validation
  • Missing properties report
  • JSON-LD validation
  • Available properties listing
  • RDFa validation
  • Page level and Overall website report
  • Supports important entity types

ESO is compatible with all forms of schema markup supported by Google. Using microdata nests structured data that helps search engines interpret the context of a specified term within HTML text. Get microdata validated regularly to make sure search engines are able to direct users to the content they are looking for. 

ESO can validate JSON-LD markup, which is currently the preferred format accepted by Google. JSON-LD must be properly embedded in a <script> tag to function. Validating JSON-LD on a website ensures that content is accurately conveyed to the search engine. 

ESO’s schema validator supports the RDFa format as well, covering all possible schema formats and enabling users to assign types and properties to their content. Validating content regularly makes it possible to identify invalid or missing markup.

ESO recognizes various entity types indicated by schema markup, especially ones crucial to communicating information that can make a business stand out. Important entity types can identify an article, video, or product on a page, and having valid markup on these elements improves the SEO of those pages.

Google expects schema to be used for all categories on a page, not only one. ESO’s report identifies all missing properties, attributes, and values so the metadata fits the requirements of inclusion by search engines.

The report from ESO lists all properties that have not been utilized, preventing recommended properties that could be filled from going unused, helping websites identify their content in relation to search terms as specifically as possible. 

Get information on invalid schema markup on a page-to-page level to repair markup issues on particular pages or view issues by type instead while viewing a report on the status of all issues on the website. The validation report can be exported to a PDF report or CSV document. 


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