Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

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The most compelling web pages provide unique information for their target audience. With so much competition out there, it is more important than ever that domain users keep their content relevant and unique. The Elite Site Optimizer team knows that your time is the most valuable asset to your business. That’s why ESO designed the Plagiarism Checker, so that the software can run the numbers, while you spend more time running your business.

What is the Elite Site Optimizer Plagiarism Checker?

The ESO Plagiarism checker tool is a reliable and efficient software that provides each user with data on how similar their web page content is to other sites. The domain user simply provides their domain URL and the Plagiarism Checker generates an easy-to-read report that provides insight on which web page content needs more originality.

Need a more detailed report? Not a problem! Each Plagiarism Checker report comes with a similarity score that indicates whether changes need to be made to your content to avoid plagiarism, as well as details like total word counts, total number of similarities found, the date that similarities were found, and URLs to other sites where similarities were found. Every report can be exported into a PDF for easy viewing and sharing with your team.

Elite Site Optimizer’s Plagiarism Checker Tool Offers:

Elite Site Optimizer’s Plagiarism Checker offers the following features:

  • Speedy Plagiarism Check
  • Compare Content to Similar Web Pages
  • Easy to Understand Score Report
  • Ensures Unique Content

Get to Know More About the Plagiarism Checker

Elite Site Optimizer’s Plagiarism Checker allows users to quickly and efficiently check their content for plagiarism. Simply provide the domain URL and the ESO software will run a report that checks for similarities across the web.

All reports contain overview and detailed reports. The general report provides the following information:

  • Total words from given URL
  • Total similar web pages found
  • Total matching words found
  • Similarity Score

The report also provides detailed information, including:

  • Total number of words on each web page
  • Matching words found on the page
  • The date this content was found online
  • Matching words found on online sources

Similarity Scores analyze how much of your content can be found on other web pages. Each report shows this number as a color-coded percentage so that you know what is good to go and what needs to be revised.

Each score report provides users with both easy to understand and in-depth information. Similarity results are color-coded by range.

  • Green means 0-20% of your content is similar and you do not need to worry about correcting similar content.
  • Orange means 31-49% of your content is similar and it is necessary to edit similar content.
  • Red means 50% or more of your content is similar and you must rework your content to be more unique.

All matching words will be highlighted in a preview of the web page for an easier way to locate what needs to be edited.

Each user has the option to export the detailed plagiarism report to a PDF format, making it easy to view, save, and share with their team. The agency users can generate the plagiarism report on a white-label report for their clients with their logo on the report

All reports list URLs of where similar content was found, as well as matching online resources making viewing similar content as convenient as clicking a button.

Similarity ratings of more that 20% will prompt the domain owner to take action, keeping content relevant and unique. Users can review each web page report to fix content issues on their web page.


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