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Elite Site Optimizer provides on-page crawl data that identifies key SEO issues. Get alerted to pages with missing or mismatched canonical tags, missing or duplicate title and description tags, missing image alt-texts, missing or multiple H1 title tags, unintentional no-index robots tags, improper pagination directive tags, and pages with schema markup issues or with hreflang tags used ineffectively.

Any professional SEO analyst would fix these issues first to ensure compliance with search engine crawling and indexing practices. Pages that have resolved these common errors will have much-improved search engine rankings.

How On-page SEO analysis tool help you?

Elite Site Optimizer crawls every web page on a website just like Google’s search engine does. The data it provides can be exported to a .CSV format and issues can be fixed on each individual web page. Once these issues are resolved, another web crawl can be performed on the website and the reports can be run again, making sure all issues are fully repaired. The webmaster can also compare the live website to a development or staging build of the website to keep track of existing issues and ensure no new issues slip through testing unnoticed. Webmasters can also compare the results of crawls run on two separate dates.  

Elite Site Optimizer’s On-page SEO analysis tool offers

Elite Site Optimizer achieves the above through the following features.

  • Site Audit Summary
  • Export On-Page crawl data
  • Missing, Duplicate, Mismatched & Multiple elements
  • Images available
  • H1 Tags available
  • No-index robot pages
  • Schema markup issues
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Regression check
  • Page health

Get a bird’s-eye view of all of the SEO issues that the tool has identified on the website. Use easy-to-understand charts in order to know where to start. The report makes it easy to decide which SEO issues are most critical and group them from high to low. Sort issues by type and severity. 

Download and view large amounts of report data in a tabular format. Sort and filter the data as desired in order to prioritize which issues to fix first. Request a new crawl and get a new report every time the website is updated. 

Search engines may lower page ranking for common HTML errors in labeling pages. ESO helps find mistakes in title, description, and canonical tags. Correcting these errors is a basic step to making every page on a website SEO-friendly.

Check if images on each web page use the right attributes. ESO will find if anything is missing from each image’s metadata. Provide an appropriate name, caption, and alt-text to every image on the site. 

Search engines may expect pages to have a single large-text heading using the H1 tag. On-page SEO analysis can identify if a page uses multiple H1 tags or doesn’t use any, helping to organize content under easily-visible headings that search engines will interpret as useful for searchers.

The robots meta-tag can be used to tell search engines how to handle web pages, either indexing or not indexing them. Make sure no important pages on the website are mistakenly set to no-index and stay aware of which ones will never show up in results. 

The tool will validate all schema markup (JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDF-a) for all properties and attributes. It returns detailed information about missing properties, attributes, and values and suggestions for how to fix each issue that could be reducing the page’s visibility.

Submit similar pages from competitor sites and run an on-page data comparison with your pages. Find out if a competitor’s home page or feature pages utilize SEO-friendly elements and learn how to match them or rank higher for chosen keywords. 

Easily run a regression check to compare the production website to a staging server or a historical version of a page. Quickly confirm that an improved version yields higher search engine rankings. If the staging website has protected access, ESO can still access it if whitelisted or given credentials. 

Get a page-by-page understanding of SEO issues across the website with a page health report. Review the landing page or any other page that needs more traffic, learn if it has any issues and create a focused SEO strategy with more information to draw on.


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