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There are so many factors that determine the relevance of a page’s content in the SERP. This makes maintaining a good page rank complex, but it’s essential in order to be noticed by the target audience. Elite Site Optimizer strives to provide you with insightful rank reports through our Rank Checker tool, so you can make informed decisions about the magnitude of content updates your site has to undergo.

What is keyword rank analysis?

Users search for a website or information by searching a keyword relevant to their needs in a search engine. Keyword Rank Checker is a tool that helps you to monitor and track the position of the keywords for your website in your preferred search engine and preferred location as well as your competitors' web page rankings and strategies.

How it works

Elite Site Optimizer’s Keyword Rank Analysis tool offers:

Elite Site Optimizer achieves the above for you through its following features.

  • Preferred URL rank tracking
  • Location-based rank tracking
  • Mobile search keyword rank tracking
  • Compare SERP with competitors
  • Search Engine page-wise rank tracking
  • Featured snippet/Zeroth rank tracking
  • Visibility score
  • Section-based ranking reports
  • Campaign group ranking reports
  • Keyword ranking trend analysis

Track the ranking positions for your preferred URLs on the website from list of all the keywords. The best part is that it will track the position even if any other web page on your website is ranked for the same keyword. Generate a beautiful white-label ranking report for your customers. 

Use a custom solution to track keyword ranking on the local search result pages (SERP) for any given geo-location identified by country, state, and city. Target your local customers and reach your local audience with this local rank tracking feature.

Google’s mobile-first indexing is becoming an important benchmark for all business owners. Switch to mobile keyword rank analysis with a click of a button, then view the ranking position of your keywords on different mobile platforms and user agents.

Competitive analysis is a strategic tool to compare and analyze the rank performance of your competitor websites vs. your website. This ability can help you reassess your SEO strategy, content strategy, target specific visitors, and stand ahead of the competition.

Assess your website’s ranking performance in search engines using page-wise rank analysis, which gives the total count of keywords ranked in different page positions of a search engine like page 1, page 2-5, page 6-10 and pages above 10.

Elite Site Optimizer supports tracking your domain if it is available in the SERP’s featured position, also called Zeroth Ranking. Currently, it supports featured snippet zeroth ranking. 

Assess your domain's overall Search Visibility Score in search engines through this report. The Overall Visibility Search score is calculated based on the rank positions that your web page acquired for overall keywords. The report provides both the visibility score for your domain as well as for individual keywords.

Doing SEO for larger websites is difficult, especially when tracking keyword rank positions for individual pages on a larger website. Elite Site Optimizer lets you group categories of pages as sections and track all of the different rank analysis reports applicable for each section separately.

Similar to section-based reporting, group your keywords based on your campaign requirements, targeted keyword groups, or target location groups. Track all the above ranking reports filtered by campaign groups.

Get the historical ranking performance of the keywords as well as your domain’s ranked keywords data with appealing visual charts and insightful reports. This keyword ranking trend report will help you to understand the impacts and changes of industry trends, search engine updates, your website changes etc.


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