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High-quality websites are filled with links to help users navigate to the content they are looking for. When changes are made to the website or to external sites that are linked, it can cause link errors without the webmaster ever realizing. Elite Site Optimizer helps websites manage their linking strategy by scanning the website for internal link errors and other problems, identifying issues in grouped categories for convenient review and repairs. Find 404 errors through the internal link checker, verify links on a regular basis with bulk link status check, and analyze backlink data vis-a-vis your competitors’ data and average ranking data.

ESO’s link checker runs regular crawls and produces results in an easy-to-understand format. Get clean, insightful reports that can be used to perform maintenance and updates to pages and learn more about how visitors discover your site and how to retain them.

Elite Site Optimizer’s Link Checker tool offers:

Elite Site Optimizer provides key information about your domain through its following features.

  • Internal link checker
  • External link checker
  • Redirected live internal links
  • 404/ Error links URL monitoring
  • Source of links information
  • Scheduled email reports & link error notifications
  • Bulk link status check
  • Weekly & Instant crawl requests
  • Compare with competitor backlinks
  • Validate all possible links <HTML, image (src), CSS, JS and more>
  • Monthly Backlink count and Avg. rank data

The internal link checker produces insightful reports to resolve internal link issues to make your website user-friendly and current. Track which web pages have link errors Trace every error back to the source page and run weekly or instant link crawls. 

Identify unnecessary redirected internal links that serve no purpose, increase load times, and make search engine crawls of the website less efficient. 3XX HTTP error codes resulting from redirects can cause negative SEO impact on web pages, reducing their page rank. 

Get an overview of where links appear on your website. Stay aware of the status of both functional and non-functional links. Avoid losing track of outdated pages with dead links, link errors, and links that will need to be updated as the site evolves. 

The bulk link checker reports on the link status of every page on the website so SEO personnel can quickly review any pages that return an error. There is no need to wait for a scheduled crawl before making proactive changes to issues that visitors are experiencing. Find temporary solutions such as redirecting to other pages while planning long-term overhauls to the page.

The URL monitoring report scans and reports broken links that return a 404 HTTP error code when accessed. Schedule and monitor this report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to stay aware of 4XX errors. The report checks for the status codes periodically and sends a report through email.

The external link checker provides a list of pages with outbound links to third-party websites from the domain. ESO identifies the content type, status code of the external webpage, and the anchor text used for linking to that web page. monitoring these external links in your domain you can avoid toxic and spam links in your domain that don’t serve their purpose and lead to a bad reputation.

Get a monthly report of all backlinks to understand how backlink impacts website ranking, and compare backlink data and average ranking data. Use this data to streamline linking strategies based on the average ranking position of targeted keywords. Explore ranking position in proportion with backlinks quantity and quality. 

Elite Site Optimizer helps you analyze your monthly backlinks compared to your competitors. It goes a step further by categorizing your total backlinks into Follow and No-follow links. You will now be able to periodically keep tabs of your backlinks built over time and learn which are most valuable.

Receive regular reports about the status of links on the website. Get notifications of broken links and HTTP errors so that errors will not go unnoticed long enough to cause problems for visitors. Stay on top of website management without needing to actively monitor the site.

Run a full crawl of the website on a weekly basis, and upon request, crawl instantly as needed to review major changes. Crawl staging and QA environments before they go live to make sure there are no link issues in the new web page content.

ESO’s crawler goes 10 levels deep to validate all possible links including HTML, image (src), CSS, JS, and more. It can check staging and QA environments as well. Check for syntax errors, invalid and broken links without fear of any mistakes going unnoticed.


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