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Connecting with your target audience through website content is a proven way of increasing the conversion rate for your products and services. Users staying on the website for a longer period are more likely to visit other pages within the same website which eventually raises the website’s conversion rate. In contrast, the website’s bounce rate increases when users leave the website fast due to bad, irrelevant content that does not add value to their search queries. 

There are many ways in which poor content can hurt the website rankings. If it is too short, readers will leave the website fast while they may get bored if it is too long. Additionally, if it is written with too many complex words, it may be hard to digest for the readers. Content that is not broken up into paragraphs and sections can be too dense to be understood easily. Spelling and grammar errors will make the website way unprofessional. High-quality content that avoids these issues is essential to driving traffic to web pages and creating user engagement. For this reason, running a check on a Content Audit Tool can improve the value of your website content.

Elite Site Optimizer’s Content Audit tool offers:

Elite Site Optimizer offers the following features in the Content audit:

  • Spell Checker
  • Content accessibility check
  • Bulk pages Spell Checking
  • Rich-snippet presence check
  • Readability Score
  • Social presence check
  • Content Statistics
  • Content performance
  • Active voice check

The content research tool on the ESO website checks grammar and spelling issues on all pages. It will highlight incorrect spelling words and provide suggestions, which the webmaster may accept or ignore, allowing meaningful decisions to be kept while errors are corrected. Error-free pages are more appealing to readers and search engines, so it is important to be aware of any grammar errors or the spelling errors.

Page wise analysis of large, content-rich websites consumes effort and time that can best be used elsewhere. Bulk checking is much easier than updating page by page, and you can check a list pages by providing a CSV file with their URLs. It will generate a number of errors found in each URL so that the most problematic or the most visible sites are fixed first.

Because engaging website users can be difficult if the language is pretty complex, content should be presented in a way that is understandable to a wider audience. Content Audit tests readability using the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale, which is widely used to grade readability. A target of ‘very easy to understand’ and a reading score of above 90 means the content is understandable to a 9th-grade student.

Some features are well-known for their online content. The Content Audit can identify total word count (ideally 800 to 1200 words), content per paragraph (about 300 words), and average sentence length (16-20 words). It is also a good idea to use headings to divide all the sections. These are the best intentions for text content so that the reader can read it without being distracted or bored.

When you write in a practical or active voice, it is easier to understand than when you write in a passive voice. Active voice writing allows you to communicate directly with your audience and capture their attention. ESO scans active voice and passive voice across the content and reports that if the webpage is overused by the passive voice in a way that damages the comprehension of the content.

The HTML robots meta tag can be provided with 'index' and 'follow' sections to be accessed by search engines and different other bots and searchers. This directive makes the website search engine friendly, allowing search engines to index pages and follow links on each page. Pages which use parts of the iframe are more difficult to identify by search engines. These problems on web pages are detected by the Content Audit.

Structured data can be used to represent things like people, books, products, prices, reviews, and ratings, and can be displayed in the search results as a rich snippet. Content Audit determines whether the content of a web page contains Rich snippets or not. Incorporating structured data into the web page content will increase its value and improve the page rank in search engines.

Using features such as Twitter cards and Open Graph tags, content can be linked-to social media. These can be used to represent a web page and its content on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, however, they can only be used when tags on web pages are open. The use of Twitter Cards and Open Graph ensures that the content is presented in a clear and legible manner on social media. ESO verifies that appropriate tags are present in the content of the web page.  

Admins can access web page data and measure its content over the last week using Analytics and Search Console. Analyze the site using useful information such as new users, duration, exit rate, jump rate, in-page time, clicks, impressions, and number of search queries. Improve the appearance of the site information and get real results.


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