What is the Zeroth rank report?

Zeroth Rank

Zeroth Rank Report

View of Zeroth Rank

  • The zeroth ranking is nothing but the information provided in the form of a featured snippet that gives a summary of the “best” results for a user search.
  • This report helps to monitor the keywords that are positioned in the zeroth position.
  • It helps users to focus on important keywords with Q & A and long-tail keywords.
  • The table also displays search volume for the keyword displayed.
  • SV Trend displays the last 12 months Search volume visually as a simple small bar graph for the keyword.
  • The Diff (Difficulty) column provides the value-based display of keyword difficulty for the respective keyword.
  • The recent month Search volume and Difficulty is displayed for the keywords.


Filter option:

Filter optionFilter option
  • Clicking on the “Filter” option on the top right corner of the Rank Analysis section allows users to filter the options for providing results to a specific Campaign, Search engine, and location of the user’s choice.
Filter option after clicking

View of filter options after clicking on the button


Settings button:

Settings button

Settings button

  • Clicking on the Setting button allows users to check or uncheck the table header and its content for displaying in the tabular format.
View after clicking on Settings button

View after clicking on the Settings button