How can I assign any particular domain to a user?

User management

  • The user can access this section by clicking on the user name on the top right corner of the Elite Site Optimizer application (Username -> User Management).
  • This section is used to create, edit, delete users and assign any particular domains to the users.
  • The user can add a new user by clicking on the “Add New User” button and enter the user name and email address in the provided form.
  • The user will receive an invitation email to sign-up and set up their account’s password.
  • After the user is added, they can edit the user account and select the domains they wish to assign to that user. This user can view the reports of the assigned domains under the user’s organization account.
User Account Management
User Account Management page
User management - Assigning domain to the user
Assigning domain to the user

What are all the unique or uncommon words used in the User Management section of the ESO Application?

User Management - Glossary

What is meant by User Domains?

The assigned domains for a user to access the reports related to the domain.

What is meant by User Name?

The username to be created under the organization account and to access the application.