Explain how the Usability feature in Elite Site Optimizer is going to help the users?

Usability Feature helping customer website

Working of Usability Feature
Any website users stays on the web page or site for a longer time, when they get better user experience like fast loading (using web vitals metrics), nice presentable content on their device (desktop, or mobile or tablet), secure enough, and other technical SEO / page resources compliances like less size, text compression, code minification, browser cache, image accessibilities, blocking scripts/ web resources.

Usability section audit the web page with defined number of sampling tests on the page to collect the above described metrics including page load time, time to interactive, time to fully load a page, time to first byte etc.

These scores are numbered between 0-100 and when the score is above 85 then the page is compliant to standards and usable for the web users. Otherwise it is difficult for the users to browse and may experience high churn out rate.