What is Tone of voice check or Active voice check in Content Audit? And why it is important for website content?

Tone of Voice Check/ Active Voice Check:

Active voice vs. Passive Voice:
We may have learned that Passive voice is weak and incorrect. It is difficult to form, and understand by the reading person. When the subject of the sentence is acted on by a verb then it is Passive voice
Active voice is the sentence when the subject of the sentence performs the verb action

Active voice on Web page content:
In the web page content practices, the content must be clear, straightforward and easy to understand. 
The voice type of the web page content must be more of the Active voice in percent than in Passive voice, since we know Passive voice is difficult to understand due to complexity.

Active voice check by Content audit scanner:
The content audit scanner will check each sentences on the web page for its grammar voice types whether it is Active voice or Passive voice
This helps the content writers, webmasters and business owners how is their web page content are written, whether more of Active voice or more of Passive voice. When it is more of active voice (say for e.g. above 60% of content in Active voice, then the web page content is good and easy to read)