How do I set up Multiple Sections for the domain URLs?

Section Settings

  • Do you have big websites with multiple sections? Not to worry. Elite Site Optimizer application has a feature that will break down your website’s SEO reports using the Sections feature for easy management.
  • In the Sections tab, provide the section names & section URLs to audit web pages/services separately. This feature is very effective when the user has big websites with multiple sections.
Section Settings

Section Settings – Section creation page

  • This feature will also help the user to monitor on-page issues of a group of pages (section) and also help keep track of rank position for that particular group of pages and its associated keywords.
  • The user can enter the path-to-the-web-page for the domain while entering the page as input to the section. For e.g.: if the domain path URL is, and if the user wishes to monitor all the pages under this path, they can enter ‘’. If the user wishes to monitor only that particular page then they can enter ‘’ as input.
  • The user can also edit the URL and section name for already created sections.
Section Settings - DropdownboxSections drop-down box for users to select the section