Which section helps us to find search terms in the Elite Site Optimizer Application?

Search queries

  • Search queries report displays the search terms or keywords through which the user has reached our website with impression, click, CTR and average position of an individual page.
      • Impression – It is counted each time your ad or webpage link is shown on a search result page.
      • Click – Every click by the viewer on the website available on the organic search results is counted as a click.
      • CTR (Click-through rate) – It means the number of clicks that your website receives divided by the number of impressions of your website (clicks/impression).
      • Average position – Average position (ranking) of the keywords that were added to the campaign through campaign settings.
  • The report is also visually displayed as a line graph with clicks and impressions for tracking the changes.


Search Queries line graph

Search Queries line graph report


Search queries Report

Search queries Report