What is the purpose of Sitemap Generator?

Purpose of Sitemap Generator:

What is a Sitemap?
Sitemaps are the directory index for the search engine robots that will guide them how the website pages are structured and organized, what pages to crawl, which pages are important. 

The search engine robots generally look for sitemap.xml as soon as it first enters the domain for crawling. It will follow the sitemap URLs and crawl the web page contents and add them to its search index database. 

Whenever a website gets updated for new page, or existing page updated or old page removed, these changes will be updated in the sitemap and must be submitted to search engine bots, so they can fetch the updated information to updates its search index database.

This will help the businesses to keep update of their website information in the Search Engine index database for any changes happening on the website pages.

Types of Sitemaps

The sitemaps are different types - text (web text content), image sitemap (for images search index), video sitemap (for video search index), and HTML (for guiding website visitors to understand about page structure in HTML links)

ESO helps businesses to generate all these types of sitemaps in compliance to standards & guidelines