What is the use of the Instant Webpage Audit section?

Performance – Instant Webpage Audit

The user can enter a webpage URL of their website and our Elite Site Optimizer tool will instantly provide Performance Analysis for the webpage URL provided.

Enter a webpage URL for providing instant performance analysis report

Enter a webpage URL of your website and instantly get Performance Analysis for the webpage

It provides page health summary and also gives the result on URL efficiency by checking the accessibility of the web pages and SEO friendly URLs.

Page health summary

Summary of Page health for the webpage

Summary of URL efficiency check

Summary of URL efficiency check

It also checks and provides the result on On-page SEO HTML elements, Social Media presence, and content metrics like Text Compression and mobile-friendliness.

Instant page - HTML

Instant page – HTML

Social Media presence check

Social Media presence check

Content Metrics check

Content Metrics check

This section provides the total number of internal links and external links present on the website.

Internal links and external links presence in the webpage

Internal links and external links present in the webpage

It also checks on the Security Coherence check (SSL (HTTPS) enabled).

Instant page - Security

Instant page – Security

This report also verifies AMP compliance metrics (Accelerated mobile page) by checking whether the performance of your HTML page on mobile devices is optimal.

AMP compliance check

AMP compliance check

This report also talks about the performance metrics like Image optimization, Page size, page speed and loading time, Effective browser cache settings, Minify script metrics, and render-blocking scripts.

Instant page - Performance

Instant page – Performance


  • There may be a difference in the result between the Elite Site Optimizer's performance-based report and Manual Google Lighthouse results. There are lots of features contributing to the performance of web pages. Even though there hasn't been a change to the webpage, the performance scores are likely to change depending on the basic changeability in web and network technologies. Please refer to the reference link related to this: