How can I identify right keywords for my webpage content? Are there any keyword optimizer feature in Elite Site Optimizer?

Keyword Research:
Elite Site Optimizer is having Keyword research tool which will help them to identify niche, potential, good keyword that they need to optimize their web pages. The user can give input either their domain name or a keyword. 

The keyword research tool will give list of relevant other keywords matching to the domain's business/ content (if research by domain) and relevant keywords matching to the given keyword by meaning, relevancy, synonyms, business use etc. (if research by keyword)

The suggested keywords list will also have additional information like Difficulty Score in a 1 to 100 (100 being more difficult to rank for the domain and 1 being very easy for the domain to rank), Search volume of the suggested keyword that identifies how many monthly global search is happening on an average for that keyword to know the scope for this keyword, last 12 month trend of search volume for the suggested keyword to understand the consistent market for the keyword.

Based on these data the users can select their required keyword for their website/ web page and optimize their page for the selected keyword