What are all the unique or uncommon words used in the Dashboard of the Elite Site Optimizer Application?

Dashboard - Glossary

What is meant by Ranked Keywords?

The total number of ranked keywords for the chosen search engine and from the list of keywords provided in Campaign settings.

What is meant by On-Page Errors?

On-page error is the count of total on-page SEO issues on the website.

What is meant by Total Internal Links?

The total number of internal links present in the domain.

What is meant by Visibility Score?

The Search Visibility Score measurement shows the current visibility of your keywords (or group) ranking from 1 to 30 on the Google search. For example, keyword ranking on position #1 will have 100% visibility and the keywords ranking on position #30 and above will have 0% visibility.

What is meant by Website Accessibility Insight?

The accessibility score for a web page URL through Google lighthouse.

What is meant by UX & Website Performance?

User experience score is calculated based on the samples taken for several metrics like page load time, time to first byte (TTFB), time to load a fully visible page, time to interact by a user after loading the visible page. These sample data are compared with the standard satisfied and tolerable timings.

What is meant by Organic Search?

Organic search known as natural search refers to the search results of a search engine by the user(s) and also refers to the unpaid search results.

What is meant by Referral?

Referral traffic is determined when the user comes to the owner's domain from other sites (Social media or another website) and without searching for the website in the Google search engine.

What is meant by Direct?

Direct traffic to a website is determined when a visitor directly access the domain or website, without searching for the website in the Google search engine and not clicked on a link on another site.

What is meant by Social?

Social traffic for a website is determined when the user comes to your website from any social networks and social media platforms.