What are the Content related statistics data displayed in Content Audit report?

Content Statistics:
The content statistics data are information about the total no. of sentences in the page content, total no. of paragraphs in the page content, total no. of words in the page content, Avg. words per sentence, Avg. words per paragraph. 

These data will help the content writers to comply with general standards of web page content writing. 

Some of the general standards include, Good web page can have words between 800 to 1,200 words. Below this number will not give much information to the user and may experience quick churn out. Above this number will make the page readers boredom and exit the page. 

More than 16-20 words in a sentence will make the readers difficult to read the content on the page. 

More than 300 words per paragraph on the page content will give impression that the content is not organized on the page and look like lengthy content.