Is there any section where users can compare the results of On-page data against their competitors?

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Report

Competitor Analysis Report

  • This report provides the results of On-page data comparison against your competitor only for the ranked keywords.
  • A detailed report of On-page data elements like URL, URL - keyword presence, Title, H1 tag, ALT tag, Keyword presence in Content, Canonical Element, Description is provided for the user’s domain and their competitor’s domain for the ranked keywords.
  • The table also displays search volume for the keyword displayed.
  • SV Trend displays the last 12 months Search volume visually as a simple small bar graph for the keyword.
  • The Diff (Difficulty) column provides the value-based display of keyword difficulty for the respective keyword.
  • The recent month Search volume and Difficulty is displayed for the keywords.

Competitor Analysis - Detailed report