What are all the reports available in the Analytics report section?

Analytics Report

  • This report is customizable and an automated Google Analytics report generated on the basis of the traffic of the website.
  • It shows the results of the domain traffic, social media traffic, and search engine traffic.
Domain Traffic Report

Domain Traffic Report


It also provides results visually for a better understanding of the performance of your website.


Social Media Traffic for domain

Social Media Traffic Report


The user can get the specific page views, unique page views, new users, bounce rate on percentage, pages/sessions, avg time on page in this report.

    • Specific page views – Number of times the user has viewed the specific page.
    • Unique page view – Number of times the user has viewed during the same session.
    • New Users – Number of new users who visited the web page.
    • Bounce rate – Number of visits in which a person leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any further.
    • Sessions – The number of individual sessions started by a user. One session lasts up to 30 seconds.
    • Average time – It is the average time a user spends on the website. It is calculated using the formula.
    • Avg.Time on Page – Total Time on Page/(Total Page Views – Total Exits)


Search Engine Traffic Report

Search Engine Traffic Report