In the Analytics Console section there are many reports showing Website traffic-related data, how are they helpful to the user?

Analytics Report:
Traffic data is one important measurements to keep track of the website growth in terms of website visitors (i.e. increase in potential customers for the business). Website traffic comes from different sources, medium, search engine, campaign efforts, social media. 

Elite Site Optimizer gives its users an option to view all these website traffic data from different perspective like traffic by source/ medium (understand where the traffics are coming from), traffic by search engine (understand which search engine reaping good organic seo traffic benefits), traffic by social media (understand how our social media engagement and referral links bring visitors to website). It fetches these data from the Google Analytics account of the website after it is linked to the Elite Site Optimizer application by the user

Missed Opportunities
In another Analytics dat related report, Elite Site Optimizer also gives how many traffic visitors that your website has missed eventually with respect to your current traffic visits through 'Missed Opportunities' Report

Top Performing pages & Search Queries:
The data integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console (GWT) will help the user to identify the search terms that the website is being displayed in search results on search engines and the clicks, happened to those search events. Analyze the top traffic driven pages on the domain and how they are ranked. This will help to restrategize and focus on the important potential keywords for the web pages.