How do I sign up for the Elite Site Optimizer Tool?

Free trial sign-up:

  • The user can sign-up with Elite Site Optimizer application by clicking on the ‘Free Trial’ button on the Elite Site Optimizer home page.
Choose Get free trial for free trial sign up

Click on the Get free trial button


  • The user can also sign-up with Elite Site Optimizer Application by clicking the “Start my 14 days free trial” button on the Plans and Pricing page.
14 days free trial button

Click on Start my 14 days free trial button

  • Once the user clicks on the “Start my 14 days free trial” button, they will be navigated to the contact us page where the user needs to fill the mandatory details and submit the form.


Contact us form - free trial request

Contact us form - Free trial request

Subscription sign-up:

  • If the user wants to subscribe to one of the available plans for Elite Site Optimizer subscription, navigate to Plans and Pricing page.
  • The user can select the plans on a monthly or yearly basis depending upon the business requirements and strategies.
Subscription sign-up

Subscription sign-up

  • The user needs to select the plan from the list and proceed with the payment.

Note: If a user needs a custom plan, they can reach out to us for customized plans. Custom Plan comes with the flexibility for webmasters to plan their domain management as per their business requirements. For inquiries on custom plans, the user needs to click on the “contact us” button on the Plans and Pricing page and fill the required information. One of our SEO Audit Tool experts will get in touch with the user.

  • Once the plan is selected, the user will be redirected to the Billing and Payment information page and has to enter the billing information for the account.
  • The user then needs to enter the payment information. The payment can be made using an active Credit card. The payment will be a recurring subscription, i.e. the user will be authorizing Elite Site Optimizer to charge his card for the amount associated with the plan on a monthly/annual basis depending upon the plan selected.


Pay securely through payment gateway

Pay securely through the payment gateway