How do I sign-in to my Elite Site Optimizer Account?

  • The user can log in to their account after account activation through the Login -> Application login tab at the top right corner of the Elite Site Optimizer home page.
Application login

Choose the Application login option

  • The user can also directly go to Elite Site Optimizer application login in the browser and log in to the Elite Site Optimizer application.
  •  The username and password should be provided in the below form to Log In.
  •  The user would have received the login credentials in the account activation email along with an activation link.
Elite Site Optimizer Application Login

Elite Site Optimizer Application Login


Remember me:

Clicking on Remember me check-box, will help the browser remember the user’s login details even after signing out of the application.

Forgot Password:

Forgot password? Not to worry. Clicking on the Forgot password option in the login page will send a reset password email with instructions to the user’s registered email address. The user can then reset the password following the instructions in the email.