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Audit Platform

Elite Site Optimizer is a customizable platform that’s designed for search engine experts, marketing professionals, and business owners who want their website to rank at the top in search engine results and fulfill their business goals.

What Elite Site Optimizer can do for you:
  • Audit your website’s content and code
  • Find out if your site is accessible
  • Make your site more discoverable on search engines
  • Help you build your own SEO marketing strategy
  • Provide reports about every last detail of your site.

Track the rank position of your keywords across search engines and by location

  • Check the preferred page’s rank status
  • Track a high-volume of keywords
  • Check keyword performance in Mobile searches
  • Compare with competitor’s rank
  • Track website’s visibility score
  • Compare search engine page-wise rank positions
  • Track search engine rank for web pages by section
  • Understand & define strategies using keyword rank trends
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Check your link metrics, identify and fix link errors

  • Monitor for 4xx and 5xx link errors
  • Check & validate redirected links
  • Crawls links up to 10 levels deep
  • Validate HTML, image (src), CSS, JS etc, link types
  • Crawl a protected STAGING or QA environment
  • Analyze using source & outbound links reports
  • Check the status of a large volume of links
  • Request custom crawl after major changes are made
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Identify your On-page SEO strengths & weaknesses

  • Crawl a large volume of web pages
  • Extract SEO elements to find missing & duplicate elements
  • Compare on-page SEO data with competitors
  • Find Missing and Mismatched canonical URLs
  • Verify Pagination & hreflang directives
  • Set your own priorities for SEO issues
  • Get Page-wise SEO health reports
  • Compare previous crawls, STAGING & QA environment
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Monitor your pages for Technical SEO audits, performance, etc.,

  • Test W3C, WCAG, ARIA accessibility
  • Check Mobile accessibility score
  • Track User Experience scores of landing pages
  • Assess coding standards of web pages
  • Check AMP compliance, issues & remedies
  • Check to fix Page load time, speed, image optimization
  • Validate URL accessibility & Page SEO metrics
  • White-labeled detailed audit report
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Boost your website visibility with Rich snippets

  • Crawl and scan Schema markups on all pages
  • Validate JSON-LD, Microdata & RDFa formats
  • Find missing properties and attributes
  • Validate for most entity types
  • Eliminates manual validation & speeds up auditing
  • Beautiful PDF white-label reports
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Help Search engine bots to crawl your important pages

  • Generate XML, HTML, Image and Video sitemap
  • Generate multiple sitemaps for XML, image & video
  • Get sitemap index files for all your sitemaps
  • Follows guidelines for URLs & file size limits
  • Reduce the domain’s crawl budget by bots
  • Improve your website's visibility in Image searches
  • Provide meta-information for images to search engines
  • Boost your web page ranking in video searches
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A Complete Suite

For User-Driven Solutions


Ecommerce Business

SEO Solutions To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Elite Site Optimizer is the perfect website optimization too...



Take your Restaurant business to digital-first world

Online searches play a huge role in driving new customers to...


Digital Marketing

SEO Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Elite Site Optimizer is a valuable tool for digital marketin...


Enterprise Brands

Advanced SEO Solutions for Enterprise-Level Customers

Enterprise brands know the importance of putting their websi...



Ensure accessibility, compliances, SEO for B2G data governance

Elite Site Optimizer supports federal and other government a...


Personal Bloggers

SEO Solutions to Make Your Blog Stand Out

If you want to grow your audience and drive traffic to your ...


News and Content Publishers

SEO Solutions for Content Publishers

Elite Site Optimizer is the comprehensive solution for helpi...


SEO Toolkit

The Best SEO Toolkit Solution for Web Hosting Companies

What can you do as a web hosting company to make your servic...


Elite Site Optimizer Offers Data-Driven Strategies To Improve Your Site

Take advantage of this integrated business SEO application data to understand your webpage health, URL accessibility, user experience metrics, content quality, PDF-related accessibility issues, and 508 compliance. Generate reports for actionable insights that will boost your site’s traffic and increase user engagement.



For Small and Medium Businesses & Start ups

We help small businesses and startups to analyze their website performance. We provide custom reports on their traffic and ranking positions based on their requirements.


For SEO Professionals

We help SEO professionals find the right data, at the right time, to take informed decisions with our SEO audit tool. It identifies on-page issues, link issues, content quality issues, performance issues, and keyword positions.


For Digital Marketing Agencies

We help SEO agencies set up campaigns for multiple keywords and build white-labeled SEO reports for their clients with less effort.



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